About Me

Hi! I'm Roman!

I recently wrapped up my coursework as a PhD student at the Univerity of Michigan - Ann Arbor and should shortly receive my MA in Statistics. My current research is about bringing interpretable and visually informative predictions for data generated by spatial transcriptomics. My advisor is Dr. Jeff Regier and Dr. Jackson Loper is another major collaborator on the project. My current research interests are:

  1. Application of Graph Neural Nets to Spatial Transcriptomics Data
  2. Bayesian Computation
  3. Probabilistic Dimension Reduction

Though my research at the University of Michigan has a fairly narrow focus, my machine learning interest spills over into a myriad of other categoires including but not limited to...

  1. Computer Vision
  2. Time Series
  3. Financial Predictions
  4. NLP (though I'm just getting started)